Unique Marketing was founded on simple but effective philosophies that guide everything we do:

• We have a unique operating model

• Campaign selections are geared toward incentive based performance models

• The better the performance the higher the income

This strategy provides our clients with a fixed customer acquisition cost leaving the variables of marketing and efficiency in the hands of our company. Although this is a risk and reward scenario, we utilize our years of experience to strategically select campaigns that will yield higher rewards.

Delivering the right results requires a reliable, time-tested approach. Our basic project methodology is characterized by stakeholder participation, integrated quality management, and a constant focus on business results. We deploy the right people, at the right time, to shorten the time frame and hold down the cost of the initiative.

This results in superior value for our clients on the basis of performance, professionalism and success.

Unique Marketing has a passion for delivering measurable business results. At Unique Marketing, we know we have to earn your business and we’re confident that we will.

Custom CRM

Custom built web based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software: Our software was developed over 10 years of trial and error to perfect the very best solution to run the membership club business. The software manages all of your customers’ information including but not limited to; transaction history, recordings, customer service notes and billing details. Additionally, our CRM will manage your merchant accounts & gateway API's, billing systems and has an extensive reporting capability. The system is housed in a high tech cyber facility with monthly PCI security scans.

Customer Service

We work with some the very best and most reliable customer service departments in the world. Excellent customer service is one of the keys to running a successful membership club. We make our agents available almost 100 hours a week to answer any of your members’ questions or concerns.

Merchant Account Management

Corresponding with merchant processors and opening a membership club merchant account can be confusing and difficult. From the day you apply we will not only help guide you to trusted vendors and banks but offer support on filling out and submitting the applications. Additionally, we work closely with Ethoca to help prevent fraud and prevent chargebacks. If a chargeback does occur, we will handle all paperwork correspondence and provide the bank with all necessary documentation for the best client outcome.

Our Mission

Unique Marketing is committed to the highest standards of integrity and excellence in our industry. We strive to achieve supreme levels of quality in every aspect of our business.

Our mission is to stay profitable by consistently providing incomparably superior service, earning the loyalty and respect of staff and clients alike. To do this, we must be diligent, trustworthy, honest and hardworking.

When those values are realized, it is then and only then, that Unique Marketing can truly aspire to reach our ultimate goal – as the best total solution.